Monday, April 26, 2010

We should live in the present moment.

The past is history.
If we've happy moments in the past , you should make a collection of this.
If we've sad moments in the past , we should live in the present moment and let it go.
Just for you.
Other than that , I would like to say something to a girl.
I'm wondering that you won't view my blog but whatever.
Actually I didn't hate you and I really want to be your friend again.
Unfortunately , you were brainwashed by someone.
Perhaps you think that someone really treats you good but please don't judge a book by its cover.
My friends and I really think that you were used by someone.
Somedays , you will realize what I say.
Lastly , I think that if you've read this , you certainly think that I'm so busybody because both of us look like we're not friends anymore.
I say these nonsense because I treat you still as a friend.
A witch.
I also don't know what I can say.
A lot of my friends really "beh tahan" of you.
You always think that you're the top of the world!
It is not confidence.
It is totally crazy.
I know you hate me a lots but whatever.
You think that I'm so self-admired because you viewed my blog which is titled"I'm who I'm".
But I have said that I don't think that I'm so pretty at all , I even think that I'm so ugly because I look like a ghost .
Everyone says that only , it doesn't mean I agree with it.
The most horrible , you always plan to trap or sarcastic to people at everytime.
God will punish you , witch.
Ohya ,that's why you're unlucky to acheive everything.
I confirm that you sure angry at me like hell and scold me F***** and B****
Huh , so what.
I don't even care about it.
It is because I've tried to live in the present moments and let it go.
Still keep indignation inside your heart.

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